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Default Error writing to CD-RW

Was trying to export video clips to the CD-RW and I am getting "an unexpected error %d has occurred while writing to the CD-RW"

I was able to verify that the drive letter is D and the drive appears functional in Windows.

I couldn't find much to go on and the error is vague so I'm not sure what to check for at this point.

I didn't have a flash drive with me so that's my next option to see if I can export to a flash drive.

this a 4.1 system. I have the OS on drive C, and a 500g data drive E. I can't remember but I may have had to re letter the drive in windows when I did a fresh install of the system. I think originally it lettered the Cd as E and the 500g data drive as D but I can't remember.

And also is there a default exit code for windows? I have been restarting the system and getting to windows via shift key but that's the long way in! I though I had it but I can't find it in my notes.

Thanks in advance!
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